Alternative solution 1):
  1. Post the save or imported batch into a detail period - it must be dated the last day of the fiscal year.
  2. Go to General Ledger, Journal Entries, Posted and Reverse the batch into the same detail period
  3. Reverse the reversal into an adjustment period by selecting the "Target Period Type" dropdown.
Run a report selecting the adjustment or reclass period to make sure your entry appears on the report. You can also see that the last step posted into the adjustment period or reclass by looking in the journal summary on the trace report.  It will show period rc for reclass and a1, a2, a3 or a4 for an adjustment.

Alternative Solution 2)

1) Make a change to your Imported batch and save the change.  Now the batch becomes a Saved batch.
You must be using the last date of your fiscal year.

The gui screens will not allow adjustment or reclass periods to be picked.  If there is too much detail imported to use the alternative solution 1 above, in Division 00, System Utilities, use Program Name:gls020 Switches 5, parameters <blank>. You can select to post the saved entry to an adjustment period.  If using the same program with a switch of 6 it will post to a reclass period.

As some of these imported entries can be quite large, and the override screens ask questions the user might not be familiar with, it should be first tried in a test division or right after a division backup.  Again, the period the entry was posted to can be easily seen in the summary section of the trace report.