1. Create a list segment in the system
    1. Marketing and Communications > Segments > Add List segment
    2. Supply a name for the list segment
    3. Select or create a new list for this segment under "List, quantity, and cost"
    4. Supply a vendor for this list (this is required for Finder file lists)
    5. Supply the quantity of the rental or exchange
  2. Create the Marketing effort
    1. Marketing and Communications > Marketing efforts > Add a direct marketing effort
    2. Supply a name for your mailing and set any further preferences such as the Source Code
    3. Click Save
  3. Add the list segment to the Marketing effort
    1. Open the Marketing effort
    2. On the Segments tab, click Add > List segment
    3. Select the segment added in step 1
    4. Supply the package to use for the segment
    5. Click Save
  4. Reserve a Finder number range
    1. Click the Finder numbers tab
    2. In the top section "Reserved finder numbers" click Add
    3. Select the List Vendor from the "Reserved for" drop-down
    4. Supply the quantity for the list
    5. Click Save
  5. Add any additional segments
  6. Save and activate the Marketing effort
NOTE:  The List vendor needs to supply finder numbers from the reserved finder number range.  Numbers or source codes outside of this range may cause this process to fail or return undesired results.  You can then import this list to activate the finder numbers:
  1. Marketing and Communications > Finder files
  2. On the Finder Files tab, click Add
  3. Search for your activated Marketing effort for "Marketing effort"
  4. Search for the List vendor for "Vendor"
  5. Click the folder icon to start the import of the Finder file
    1. Locate the file
    2. Select to use an existing layout or create a new layout to accommodate the finder file
    3. Click Continue and allow the import to complete