Real-Time Dedupe (formerly, Auto Dedupe) automatically checks for duplicate records entered into the database (manually, via online forms, batch entry, or import) and then merges the new record data with the most current record that already exist in the database. For example, if you or a supporter enters new information in the database and Real-Time Dedupe is enabled, the system automatically checks to see if there is an existing record that matches and overwrites the existing record with the new record.

Here are some examples of when Real-Time Dedupe will automatically overwrite existing records:

  • A supporter completes and submits a form (for example, donation or event registration, makes a purchase via eCommerce, signs up as a sponsor, enters an auction, and so on). Basically, anytime the supporter submits a form containing profile and other data.
  • You create a new contact record or modify an existing record, enter offline donations, register a user, create an event, modify interactions, and so on.

Unlike the Duplicate Checker, Real-Time Dedupe automatically overwrites records without allowing you to compare records so that you can determine whether to merge them.

Note: Real-Time Dedupe will not retroactively check for duplicate records that existed in the database before it was enabled.