You need to know the report name of the report receiving the error before you proceed. 

  1. Log into Division 00 System Administration.
  2. Click System Utilities.
  3. In the Execute Program section, enter the following:
    Program Name: GLS118
    Switches:   20
    Parameters:  leave blank
    Business Date:  Leave as default date
    Division: Enter the appropriate division.
  4. Click Run.
  5. Type C to change.
  6. Enter the ID Type.
  7. Enter the Report Name.
  8. At 'Enter field to be changed', type 1 and press Enter.
  9. In the Level 1 line, look for any numbers that have more than one ~ preceding the number.  If there are numbers with ~~ or more, enter through to that field and delete the extra ~. There should also be no ~ after the number.
  10. Type 0 to accept the changes.
  11. Press ESC and E to End.
  12. Run the report.