1. Navigate to Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon
  2. Hover over your event and select Bookkeeping
  3. Click Manage Initiative Records
  4. Mark the Donors radio button
  5. Search for the appropriate Donor record
  6. Click Edit by the name of the donation record you need moved
  7. In the Edit Record - Donation Credit section, select the appropriate radio button:
    1. Credit Event Only: Makes the donation a General Donation in the event. Does not credit a participant
    2. Credit Team: Allows you to select a specific team. This creates a General Team Donation. It does not credit a specific individual on the team
    3. Credit Participant: Allows you to select a specific individual in the event. If the individual is part of a team the donation will also show up in the team donation total
    4. Credit Different Event: Allows you to move the donation to an entirely different event. It will be added to the new event as a General Donation. You can then manage the donation from within that event using the previous steps
  8. Click Save
Note:  Events must been in same status, so both must either be Active or Disabled. In Addition, donations entered as "Additional Donations" during the registration process cannot be moved to a different individual or team. They will need to be reversed (either partially, just the donation, or fully, reversing both) and then re-entered