1. Verify the server meets the latest System Requirements
  2. Log in to the server as the Local Administrator account (Not domain admin and not a user with local admin rights).
  3. Stop SQL services on the server
  4. Copy the FundWare SQL databases to a folder on the desktop for safe keeping.
    1. The FundWare databases are located in the Program Files\MSSQL\Data folder by default unless the path was changed while MSDE/SQL 2000 was installed.
    2. The FundWare SQL databases all start with AFW (EG: AFWCore, AFW02, AFW10, etc).
  5. Start SQL services
  6. Uninstall MSDE\SQL 2000 via Add/Remove Programs.
  7. Using the SQL install guide (SQL 2005 Express for Professional level clients, SQL 2005 for Enterprise level clients) and install your version of SQL
    1. Use Add/Remove programs to install your version of SQL.
    2. Use the guide to install SQL, it is not just simply clicking NEXT, NEXT, NEXT…there are configuration changes that need to be made.
    3. Note the SA password you entered, you will need it during the FundWare install. (NOTE:  The SA password must have only alphanumeric characters and cannot contain any special characters.)
    4. Change the configurations per the guide.
    5. Attach the SQL databases per the guide.
  8. Once SQL is installed, configuration changes have been made and you can open Studio Management and login, you are ready to install FundWare.
  9. Using Add/Remove programs, install FundWare.
    • Enter the SQL login information when prompted (SA is the SQL username, the password is what you entered while installing SQL 2005).
  10. Reboot the server as prompted.
  11. Log back on as the local administrator and let convert run.
    1. If Convert fails to launch, you can run it manually from #:FundWare7.50Bin and run convert.exe (Where # is the drive FundWare is installed on).
    2. The convert process can take some time depending on the amount of data it has to convert – Do NOT touch the converter for any reason.
    3. Converter can say “not responding” – but if there is not an error on the screen, it is converting the data.If you do get an error during the conversion, send a screen shot of the error to me.
  12. Once you get the “Conversion was successful”, you are done. Have your user’s login and test the new system.
    1. If your user’s RDP connections from their PC’s automatically launch FundWare upon connection to the server, you will need to modify the path.
    2. To modify the path (as needed):
    3. Right-click on the Remote Desktop icon and select “EDIT”.
    4. Go to the Programs Tab.
    5. Change the path in the top box to #:FundWare7.50binFundWare.exe.
    6. Change the path in the bottom box to #:FundWareData.
    7. # is the drive letter FundWare is installed on.