Credit card verification settings can be set to require both address and zip/postal code verification or to require either address or zip/postal code verification. When credit card verification settings are set to to either of these settings, if the billing address does not match exactly what is on record for the credit card, it may not meet the requirements and will subsequently fail.  The supporter will receive the following message when a card fails due to incorrect billing address information:

There has been an error processing your transaction. Please check your credit card information and billing address and try again, or contact your credit card issuer.

To resolve the issue:

  1. Ensure that the billing address information entered matches exactly with what the supporter's credit card company has on file.
  2. Ensure that the CVV number is being entered correctly.
  3. Update the address verification settings to a less stringent setting, such as "Require address OR zip/postal code verification."  (Note that if the card is failing for gifts entered directly on the contact record you may need to change the account level address verification settings under Control> Administration> Organization Setup> View/Edit Org Info. Note that changing these settings will edit settings for all forms and events within the account.)
  4. Ensure that the Donor is entering the correct Country information. This field will default to United States if there is no Country Field in the Information section of the form.
  5. Confirm all appropriate initiatives are not in Preview mode.  Live credit cards will not be processed and will show as a failed transaction if entered in Preview mode.
If further investigation is needed, Chat with Support and reference this article. .