1.  Highlight Communications, Special Events, Friends Asking Friends
  2. Click Thon, then choose Bookkeeping from the available menu
  3. Click Gift Entry
  4. In the Search for Donor section, search for the donor that is matching the gift
  5. Select the radio button next to the appropriate donor record or click New if the donor is not listed
  6. In the Search for Participant, Team or Group section, search for the entity that is receiving this donation 
  7. If the option was chosen to create a new donor, choose the appropriate radio button for Organization or Individual
  8. Complete the required fields in the form
  9. For the Gift Type field, click the arrow to expand the drop-down menu
  10. Choose Matching Gift as the type
  11. In the Donor Reference field that appears, search for the donor whose donation is being matched
  12. After verifying all fields, click Submit