Error: Error sending/retrieving IATS Batch file

Error: Error sending/retrieving IATS Batch file is received after selecting Create EFT Transmission Files.  When the progress bar completes, the error occurs.

Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. In Configuration > Business Rules > Batch Options > Process credit cards and ACH gifts through, make sure BBMS/Other is selected
  2. If Blackbaud hosts your data, select The Raiser's Edge 7 from the applications window, instead of the BBNC Plug-in - RE7 icon
  3. Adjust Firewall settings to allow traffic to and from the following IP Addresses:
    Transaction Currency
    USD and CND
    Aus and NZ
    UK, Euro, SGD, HKD, Yen, and Sfr
  4. If locally installed and using IATS as your merchant account, confirm that your local environment is compatible with the IATS security certificate. Specifically, ensure your version of Internet Explorer has TLS 1.1 and 1.2 enabled. 
  5. Have the user go to Configuration > Business Rules > Merchant Account. Open the IATS account being used and retype the username and password. 
  6. If the error is still being experienced after following all of the above steps, refer to Error: Error retrieving/sending IATS batch file when generating a transmission file.
Alternate Solution:

Upload direct debit transactions directly to IATS:
  1. Export the batch grid to an Excel spreadsheet:  How to export the batch grid to a spreadsheet
  2. Export the donors' bank information to be added to the spreadsheet. If the bank on the gifts is the donor's primary bank information, refer to How to export primary bank information
  3. Format the spreadsheet as follows: Invoice number, First Name, Last Name, Account Type, Account Information, Dollar Amount, Comment.
  4. Follow the instructions in the attached document to upload transactions to IATS. 
Direct Debit Batch Upload.pdf

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