1. Log into your HeadQuarters
2. Go to your Email section and click on the Email History Log link:
If emails are listed within the Email History Log, this is confirmation that our system did send out the emails. If the Email History Log does not list the emails, then you will have to send out the emails again. The emails may have not been sent due to issues such as network disruption, browser problems, etc.
If the Log does show that the emails were sent out, please review the following possible causes for the emails not being received.

  • There may be a slight delay of up to a day in our servers sending out the email
  • It may be that some of the email recipients may have strong filters blocking the email
  • In many cases, if the email address is a company email address, your recipient's company firewall may not be letting those emails go through. They should ask their company IT department to allow emails with a Blackbaud.com address by letting in anything that ends with:

    mailer 1.kintera.com
    mailer 2.kintera.com
    mailer 3.kintera.com
    mailer 4.kintera.com
    IP addresses: