Complete each of the following steps until the issue is resolved:
  • You must be signed in with the business date as the last day of the fiscal year.
  • In The General Ledger, Lock Periods/Years to Posting, verify all periods are open and do not have the Locked to Posting checkbox marked.
  • In The General Ledger, go to Maintenance, Journals. Select the journal on which you are attempting to make the entry.  Review the ID types tab, then close the screen. This task seems to clear a "read-lock" on the file and may allow the adjustment periods to appear.
  • If the Journal you are using is set to be used for multiple ID types, each ID type must have the same number of adjustment periods and the same fiscal year end date.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             If any ID type is missing an adjustment period, you can add it with the override.  To add the adjustment periods, go to Division 00 , System Utilities.  Program name = CST228.  Switches  = 20.  Parameters = <blank>.  Enter a C to Change, ID type, field 1, Add, then add the appropriate number of adj periods, 0 to accept.
    If any ID type has a different fiscal year end than the id type you are posting to, you will need to remove that ID type from the Journal.  To remove an ID type, go to Division 00 , System Utilities.  Program name = CST268.  Switches  = 20.  Parameters = gls.  Enter a C to Change, type in journal name, press Enter, change field 7, type R to Remove,  type in the ID type to remove, 0 to accept.