Use the following instructions to roll beginning balances forward:
  1. Sign on to the business date that is the last day of your fiscal year.
  2. In General Ledger, click Year-End Processing on the module navigator or select General Ledger/Year-End Processing from the menu bar.
  3. Select the Roll Beginning Balances tab.
  4. From the ID type drop-down list, select the ID type for which you are rolling the balances. The ID type description displays in the Description field and is not editable.
  5. Click Apply to start the task and remain in the window, or click OK to start the task and close the window. The account balances are rolled forward and the system produces a trace report.  NOTE: If the task does not produce a trace report, there were no transactions in prior years to roll forward or no changes in balances since the last time balances were rolled forward.
  6. Repeat this task, as necessary, for each ID type.