Before proceeding, create a backup of the Division and have all users sign out of Blackbaud FundWare. Your business date should be the last date of the fiscal year that is to be closed.

First, determine your Closing ID, which will be a masked version of your Fund Balance or Net Asset account.

 To perform the post Revenue & Expense process, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Closing ID account determined above in the Closing ID field.
  2. With the preview box checked, ensure the correct fiscal year end date displays in the Closing Year End drop down. 
  3. Edit the Fund Range, if necessary.
  4. Click Apply.  This will create a GLREEX report for review.
  5. Open the preliminary GLREEX report in Print Manager.
    • NOTE: Review the end of the report for "Not in System" accounts.  When the Post Revenue & Expense is run as a final, an account will be created for each "Not in System" account and will be called Created By Posting.  You must verify that these are correct account numbers.  If you suspect the Closing ID is incorrect do not post final - go back to re-determine the correct closing ID. The presence of more than a few "Not in System" accounts indicates an incorrect closing ID most likely was selected.
  6. Once you have validated the correct Closing ID, perform the Post Revenue & Expense with Preview unchecked. Make sure the correct fiscal year end is still displaying in the drop down. This final (non-preview) process will create another GLREEX and a trace report.

If you had "Created by Posting" Fund Balance accounts with the final post, update them by changing the account description and adding attributes in a General Ledger Account function, such as Edit Account.

All detail remains in the current year, and reports can still be created from the current year data after the Post Revenue & Expense process is complete.