"Use this procedure to copy an existing Thon event site to create a new site. The new site will inherit all of the settings of the site being copied. 

Note: You cannot duplicate (copy) a Thon event that is associated with an Event Group (or uses the company pyramid structure) because the Event Group will not be pulled into the duplicated event.

  1. Highlight Communities, Special Events, Friends Asking Friends
  2. Click Thon
  3. Mark the box next to the name of the Thon event site you want to copy
  4. Click Duplicate.
  5. Click OK for Are you sure you want to copy the selected initiative(s)?
  6. Verify that a new copy is added to the event list.
    Note: The new copy will inherit the name of the Thon event site you copied, plus the word Copy (for example, Walk for Peace Copy).  To change the name, edit the properties of the Thon.