Where ever the attendance is first saved, the system will consider this the active attendance information. If attendance information is entered in both FAWeb and the Registrar's Office and if the Registrar's Office attendance is first saved, this will overwrite any unsaved information in FAWeb. For example, a teacher enters two day absences in FAWeb without saving and the front office enters a tardy at the same time in the Registrar's Office and is the first to save the information. The tardy will show up in FAWeb however the absence for the other student will no longer appear as it did not exist in the Registrar's Office. Schools will need to decide what module to enter the attendance in first. Once it is saved, the school may update the other module with the updated attendance information.

To avoid confusion, require that teachers enter attendance for their classes by a specific time each class period, after which time the Registrar would be able to enter attendance without overwriting the teacher's entries.