Before following the steps below, ensure that a Fund Type has been created and set to Active.
  1. Highlight Control, Administration, Organization Setup
  2. Click Set Up Funds/Donor Designations.
  3. Click New and select Fund.
  4. Select the Active check box if you want the Fund to be included in all drop lists where you can select a fund (for example, in the Fund/Designation list when you enter a gift in the database).
  5. In the Fund Name field, enter a name for the Fund.
  6. For Description, enter a brief description.
  7. For Alt ID, enter an Alternate ID if necessary.
  8. For Category, make your selection as follows:
    • Select Unrestricted if you do not want to enforce accounting restrictions regarding how the fund is used.
    • Select Restricted if you want the fund to be used for a specific purpose/program.
    • Select Temporarily Restricted if you want the fund to be used in accordance with your organization’s accounting guidelines (i.e., your organization may have guidelines regarding how and when to use the fund).
  9. In the Type field, select the Fund Type to which you want to associate this fund.
    Note: You must have already created Fund Types, and the Fund Type must have been set to Active in order to appear in the list.
  10. For Start Date and End Date, click the Calendar icon to specify when the fund will be available for use/selection. This is primarily beneficial for your CMS Web sites or event pages
  11. Enter the Goal, which will be the amount of money (in U.S. dollars) you plan to collect (raise) from donors that will be specifically used for this fund.
  12. Enter any additional information in the Reference 1, Reference 2, and Reference 3 fields 
  13. Default Designation shows Unrestricted for all new funds until you designate the fund. An unrestricted designation simply means that the fund is not designated.
  14. Click Finish.

The new fund will be listed in the Fund/Designation Setup page.