1. Ensure that the supporter can log into their account.  If they cannot, follow the steps to retrieve their user information 
  2. Once logged in, the supporter should click My HQ to be taken to the homepage of their Headquarters
  3. Click the Edit My Login/Password link
  4. Enter the desired username and other login verification fields
  5. Click Update
If the username has special characters which prevent the user from logging into the HQ, then the Sphere Administrator can delete the record from the initiative and have the participant re-register with no special characters. 

If  an organization wishes to change the username for the supporter without reversing their registration (and the supporter can't login) then the following steps can be used:
  1. Register a temporary record using the Supporter's name but an email address the organization has access to. Use the desired username when entering this registration
  2. Merge the new record with the existing record, keeping the new record
  3. Edit the record to put in the Supporter's correct email address
  4. Reverse the 2nd registration for the event