The Payment Details Report provides details about payments made for each supporter and participant.  To run this report:

  1. Navigate to Control> Reports
  2. Click Report Center
  3. Expand the Billing section by selecting the plus (+) sign to the left of the word 
  4. The first three areas allow filtering by specific accounts, initiatives and event groups.  Define these as needed.
  5. Click Save and Next in each section.
  6. The Choose Data area allows the user to choose the appropriate fields that should be displayed in the results.
  7. Under the Choose Data column, mark the boxes next to each field that should appear on the report.  The fields will show in the right column, where the Not Sorted link can be click to define a sorting parameter.
  8. Click Save and Next
  9. The Define Filter section allows for filtering on various fields such as Payment Type, Payment Status or Customer.  Multiple filters can be added to the report.
  10. Once the filters are set, click Save and Next.
  11. In the Set Date Range area, choose the correct dates in which results should be reported.
  12. Click Save and Next to go to the Select Summary Info area
  13. Choose to Summarize by specific fields or show the Average, High Value, Low Value or Grand Totals.
  14. Click Save and Next to choose the Delivery Method for the report.
  15. A title/subtitle/author area is available to be completed, which will display on the report.
  16. The default Delivery Method for the report results will be the View Report Immediately option, but any other option may be chosen.
  17. Click Finish to expedite the chosen method.