The supporter can attempt to reset their login information by following these steps:
  1. Click the Forgot Username/Password link on the organization's website login page
  2. Choose one of the options:
    • Enter the username, if known, to have an email sent to the address on file with a password reset link.
    • Enter the email address if the username is not known.  This will prompt the user to answer a security question that was set up at the time of the account creation.
  3. If neither option allows for the successful reset of the account information, the user will need to have a Sphere user send this information.
To send this information to a supporter:
  1. Highlight Contacts, click Individuals (or Organizations, as appropriate)
  2. Search for and select the correct record
  3. Choose the Profile tab
  4. In the Login Information section of this page, click the Send link.  An email will be sent to the supporter with a link to reset their login information.