1. Navigate to Contacts > Database Management > Manage Contacts > Duplicate Checker
  2. Under Duplicate Configuration click the Go button
  3. Within Individual Contacts or Organizational Contacts, check the boxes next to the criteria you wish to match
    • In the input boxes next to each item you checked, enter the number of characters (from left to right) you wish to match. 
      • Example: If you had two records with the email address jdoe@Blackbaud.com, you could check the box next to email and enter 16 (the number of characters in jdoe@Blackbaud.com) in the input box
  4. Click the Save/Submit button
  5. Under New Duplicate Check Report, click the Go button next to Step 2: Create Report
  6. Click the Back to Duplicate Checker button
  7. Under Last Individual Duplicate Check Results, click See Report -- you may have to wait a few minutes and/or refresh your browser window in order to see the results 
You can then merge these duplicate records either one set at a time or through Batch Merge.