Use this procedure to create a campaign. You must first create a campaign type, fund typefund, and a fund designation. You must also first create a prospect list.

  1. Hover over Control, Campaign Manager, Campaigns.
  2. Click New.  The New Campaign page appears.
  3. Configure Properties:
    1. Select the Active check box. (It is selected by default).
    2. Enter a name for the campaign.  This name will be used through Sphere as the identifier of the campaign.
    3. Enter a code for the campaign in the Campaign Code field.
    4. For Campaign Description, enter a short description to describe this campaign.
    5. In the Campaign Year field, enter the year when the campaign will be held.
    6. For Campaign Date Range, click the Calendar tool to select a start and end date for the campaign. The end date defines the date when appeals, mailings, events, and forms will no longer be associated with the campaign.
    7. Select a Campaign Type for this campaign in its respective field.
    8. For Campaign Goals, enter the goals for tracking the campaign's progress
    9. In the Campaign Notes section, enter a short note regarding this campaign. Use notes to enter important information about the campaign.
    10. For Campaign Owner, click the Search tool to select and associate the campaign with a user. If you do not select an owner, it will default to the person logged into Sphere.
    11. In the Campaign Virtual Accounts section, select any Virtual Accounts that should be marked as appropriate.  The (System) All Records and (System) My Records check boxes will be selected if the person logged into Sphere is granted access to create or modify records for virtual accounts.
    12. Click Next to configure campaign Funds.
  4. Configure Funds:
    1. In the Preset funds listed below drop-down, you can set all funds to one rule.
    2. For Gift Entry Rules, each fund must have a selection:
      • Make the default fund at gift entry - select the fund that will be used as the default for the campaign.  Note: One fund (and only one fund) must be set to this selection.
      • Cannot be related to this Campaign - this fund can never be associated with this campaign when transactions are entered into Sphere.
      • Available for selection at Gift Entry - this fund can be associated with this campaign.
      • Available for gift entry on an exception basis - the exception is defined by your organization and not mandated in Sphere. 
    3. Click Next to select a Prospect List to define the prospects for this campaign (who you will solicit).
  5. Select a Prospect List:
    1. To select an existing Prospect List from the database, click the Search tool.
    2. Search for and select the appropriate list or click to create a new Prospect List 
      To create a new prospect list,
      • Click New Prospect List to open the New List Name window.
      • Enter a name for this new prospect list.
      • For Description, enter a short description for the prospect list.
      • In the Owner field, click the Search tool to select an owner for this list. If you do not select an owner, it will default to the person saving the list.
      • Select the appropriate Contact List Virtual Accounts.  
        Note: If you were granted access to records, the (System) All Records and (System) My Records check boxes will be selected.
    3. Click Save.
    4. Click Next to select solicitors for the campaign.
  6. Select Solicitors:
    1. Search for and select the appropriate solicitors or If a new record is required, click New.
      To create a new solicitor,
      • In the Contact field, click the Search tool to open the Find Contact page.
      • Search for and select the appropriate Contact name
      • For Goal, enter the amount of money anticipated that the solicitor will raise for this campaign.
      • Click Save to return to the Edit Campaign Solicitors page.
  7. Click Finish.