1. Go to Contacts > Database Management > Duplicate Checker
  2. Under Duplicate Configuration click the Go button
  3. Within Individual or Organizational Contacts, check the boxes next to the criteria you wish to match
  4. In the input boxes next to each item you checked, enter the number of characters (from left to right) you wish to match  
    • EX: If you had two records with the email address jdoe@kintera.com, you could check the box next to email and enter 16 (the number of characters in jdoe@kintera.com) in the input box
  5. Click the Save/Submit button
  6. Under New Duplicate Check Report, click the Go button next to Step 2: Create Report
  7. Click the Back to Duplicate Checker button
  8. Under Last Individual Duplicate Check Results, click See Report -- you may have to wait a few seconds and/or refresh your browser window in order to see the results
  9. Search for the duplicate records
  10. Select the record you wish to keep and the record you wish to merge and click on the Merge button