1. Log in with administrative rights
2. Browse to the page that contains the data list that you'd like to style
3. On the top right of the page, click the Design Mode button to enter into Design Mode.
  • A properties bar appears above the page and each section in the page that has a gray background for all configurable options of the current page and section. The Properties, Delete, Edit Actions, Assign Permissions, View XML and Go to Data List buttons appear in this bar.
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4. Click "Properties" in the section that needs to be styled
  • The edit page section window will open with various properties to configure
  • Locate the DataList section and click the ellipsis for Legend and note the legend window that opens
5. Click the Add button

6. Note that there are five options that can be configured here: Expression, Bold, Italics, ForeColor, and Display Style.

7. To configure other options, click the ellipses for Expression
  • Supply an expression that evaluates to true for this Legend to take effect
  • Click OK
  • Back on the Legend window, set the style you'd like to apply
  • Click OK
  • Click Save
Some simple expression examples:
  • To style listings on the page that are Organizations:
    = Page.Fields!ISORG = True
  • To style listings where the age is greater than 18:
    = Page.Fields!AGE > 18
  • To style a listings where the amount is between 23 and 49:
    = Fields!AMOUNT > 22 and Fields!AMOUNT < 50