Reconciled Deposit has incorrect payment date

When entering Payments into a Deposit the wrong default payment date was selected.  All payments entered into the deposit ended up having the incorrect dates.  Later, this deposit became reconciled.  Because the Bank reconciliation process uses just dates present on the deposit and the data entry mistake was overlooked and the deposit became locked as a result of it being reconciled.  This data entry mistake will adversely affect aging information, statements, activity tabs and reports, and finance charges.


To correct this issue you must enter charges to offset the balances on the incorrect date then reenter the payments and adjust the bank register accordingly

  1. Add Charges to each record that has a Payment to cancel the amounts using the same Transaction date that was used on the Payment.  
  2. Mark the Charges as do not post, and Mark the check box to hide this transaction on printed statements
  3. Apply the bogus Payments to these Charges to wash out the balances during that timeframe 
  4. Reenter the Deposit and Payments with the correct dates
  5. Mark that Deposit as do not post
  6. Create a new bank adjustment (Payment) to offset the Deposit so that the balance in the Bank Register does not change
  7. Mark the Adjustment as do not post
  8. Reconcile the new Adjustment and Deposit




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