While WealthPoint OnTime returns mutliple files, we will want to use the [Name_of_Input_File]_RP_[DATE].csv file to import into ResearchPoint for any of the methods outlined below.

Option 1 (Recomended process): Import file using ResearchPoint Import Tool

1. In ResearchPoint click Admin >  Attribute Categories
2. Click Add
3. In the Name field enter WealthPoint Rating
4. Select Model Scores and Ratings for the Record Type
5. Mark to Allow only one per record
6. Mark Make available in lists
7. Click Save
8. Download the tool following steps in How to use the ResearchPoint Import Tool (includes video)
9. Sign into the app using your Site ID, username, and password for ResearchPoint 10. Click Browse and browse out to [Name_of_Input_File]_RP_[DATE].csv file
11.. Mark the Create Output Selection box
12.. Name selection
13. Click Next
14. Click Automap
15. Click Process
16. Once completed, log into ResearchPoint
17. Click Prosepcts then Add next to Research Lists
18. Locate the selection created in step 12.
19. Name the research list and click Save

Option 2: Import file through ResearchPoint Admin > Import process as a Model Scores and Ratings attribute.

If uploading the scores as a Modeling and Propensity Attribute, two imports are required (and Constituent Batch to create the records and Modeling and Propensity Update Batch to add the scores to the records).

Import WealthPoint OnTime files as Model Scores and Ratings Attiribute(pdf)

Option 3: Importing file through ResearchPoint Admin > Import process as a Constitutent attribute.  If uploading the scores as Constituent Attributes, one import is required (a Constituent Batch).

Import WealthPoint OnTime files as Constituent Attribute (pdf)