If the WealthPoint OnTime file has not been processed, please check the following:

  • Is the file named correctly? (The filename should not contain spaces.)
  • Is the file in CSV format? (Our servers can only accept CSV files.)
  • Has the number of allotted records been reached? (The daily limit is 10,500 records.)
  • Has your subscription expired?
  • Was the file uploaded at least 90 minutes ago? (Please allow at least 90 minutes for processing.)
  • Was the data placed in the correct FTP folder? (If you access the WPOT folder through your FTP on Blackbaud.com, the file should placed in the IN folder.)
  • Has the FTP folder been refreshed? If not, right-click, then select Refresh.
  • Are the fields in the exact order as discussed during the export call?

If your file was formatted correctly and your subscription is still active, but the file did not run, click Create a Case in the Additional Assistance box on the right. Reference this solution ID, and a support analyst will contact you.