1. Create the custom form in VBA.
  2. Create a System Macro that calls the user form (This must be written as a Public Sub).

    EX) The user form in the example below was created with the name: Custom Form

    Public Sub CallMyForm()

    End Sub

  3. Go to the Home Page and select the "Tools" menu at the top of the screen.
  4. Select "Options"
  5. Go to the "Home" Tab
  6. On the "Favorites Option, scroll down to the VBA Macros section and select the System Macro that was created to call the form.
  7. Click "Apply"
  8. Click on "Organize Favorites
  9. The System Macro will appear under the Favorites Menu.  Drag and drop the macro into the sub module (ex. General Ledger) in which you wish to see the link for the custom form and then click "OK".
  10. Back on the Options screen, click "Ok" and then the link will appear on the Home Page.