Files are imported through different programs using the Execute Programs task. The following section provides the basic instructions for this task.  Each import has a section defining the specific requirements for these programs.   Refer to the Blackbaud FundWare Administration Guide for complete instructions on the file format and import setup.
  1. Select File, Open FundWare, Select Division 00 System Administration.
  2. Allow the business date to default to today's date and Click OK. 
  3. Select System Administration, System Utilities. 
  4. In the Execute Program area, enter the required information according to the requirements defined in each import section.
  5. Click Run.  When complete, you will return to the Execute Program screen.   
If nothing is imported, a report is created in the Print Manager.  The name of the report changes depending on the type of import.  For example, a GL transaction import produces the GLX****.L## report (Where **** is your TTY number and ## is the division number).  A vendor import produces the OTX****.L## report.  Review the exceptions in this file and make corrections to the import file as needed.

Below is a list of the various import programs:
CUSCS10                  Import GL accounts
GLS018 or PGS018      Import journal entries
CUSGL10                  Export net transactions
CUSAR10                  Import Accounts Receivable customer records
CUSAR20                  Import AR balance forward transactions
CUSAR25                  Import AR orders
CUSAR32                  Import AR meter readings
CUSAR31                  Import AR information re new meters and changes to current records
CUSAR40                  Import AR new repetitive billing charges and changes to current repetitive billing charge records
CUSAR15                  Extract AR aging information
CUSAR16                  Extract AR customer master records
In AFW menu                  Extract AR meter information
CUSOT10                  Import new vendors and changes to current vendors
CUSOT20                  Import obligations
CUSOT30                  Exports obligations
OCW048                  Import cleared checks in AP
CUSPY08                  Define the format of the import file for either employee master records or employee history
CUSPY20                  Import payroll employee master file, employee history and employee time cards
CUSCR08                  Define the format of the import file for Cash Receipts customer master records
CUSCR20                  Import new receipt customers and changes to current receipt customers' records
CUSCR28                  Create a text file containing receipt type file maintenance to be posted to the receipt type master file from an external source
CUSFX08                  Define the format of the import file for asset management
CUSFX20                  Import fixed assets
CUSCW20                  Import Extended Report Writer report definitions
CUSCW10                  Exports Extended Report Writer report definitions