The following steps assume integration between ResearchPoint and Raiser's Edge has been configured. 
  1. Create a query in Raiser's Edge based on the specific attribute description to move to ResearchPoint.
    Note: Be sure to output the System Record ID field when choosing the output of the query.  This is required for Step 3 to work.
  2. In ResearchPoint create the constituent attribute category.
  3. In ResearchPoint create a research group based on the query created in step 1.
  4. Go to Data, Manage Global Changes.
  5. Click Add and choose add Constituent Attribute.
  6. Name the Global Change Process.
  7. In the selection field click the Binoculars and then Add New in the search window:
    • In the query window go to Research Group Member, Research Groups.
    • In the middle pane choose Name and drag to the filter pane on the right.
    • Enter Equal to (Research Group name in step 3) as the filter.
    • Save and Close the query\selection.
  8. Choose the attribute category to add (created in step 2).
  9. Choose the value for the category and if neccessary add a comment.
  10. Save the global change.
  11. On the Manage Global Change page right click on the change just created and choose Process Globaly Change.
Note: The above must be followed for each attribute description being moved between the databases.