To import a Prospect Manager to a constituent record, the prospect manager must first have their own prospect record in ResearchPoint with the Fundraiser Constituency code.

I. Add the Fundraiser Constituency Code
  1. Open the record in ResearchPoint
  2. Select the Affiliations Tab
  3. Select Add next to Constituencies, choose Fundraiser
  4. Set the Date to as the current date, leave the date from blank
  5. Save
II. Create a batch template specifically for use with updating and adding prospect managers
  1. Use the following instructions to complete your batch template - How to create a Batch Template.  Your batch template should include the following fields:
    • Constituent Type
    • Lookup ID
    • Last/Org/Household name
    • Prospect Manager
III. Create your CSV file to use with the import.  It should similar to this this:
Constituent TypeLookup IDLast/Org/Household NameProspect Manager
Individual8-00001DoeJoe Smith
Individual8-00002SmithWard Cleaver
Individual8-00003JonesMike Brady
IV. Follow Sections III and IV in How to import new records into ResearchPoint and then screen them through WealthPoint 
  • While in the Import Batch Options, ensure that the Set Options --> Other tab, under the "Search Lists Field" heading, is set to "Quick find". This will instruct ResearchPoint to search the database for the Prospect Manager name to match it with what is in your CSV file.  Failing to do this will result in an ID error in the resulting batch.
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