Blackbaud has multiple load balanced and redundant data centers which does include backup of data in the US and the passing of such data to the Card Association networks for processing (i.e., Visa, MC, AMEX). Blackbaud is not aware of international restrictions regarding the processing and storing of nonprofit (non-government) organization's credit card data outside of the country, provided the nonprofit provides notice via a published privacy policy regarding its intent to share collected consumer data with 3rd party services providers for processing purposes.  Blackbaud recommends organizations to consult their local authorities in regard to local laws and privacy policy notices. Specifically, to Canada, the transfer of personal information associated with credit card processing from any province in Canada to Blackbaud (acting as a service provider) in the U.S. is generally allowed, given Blackbaud's' protection of information and willingness to commit to that protection. Blackbaud's payment services interface directly with various payment gateway/processors including Blackbaud's own merchant Service offering (BBMS), with then interconnect to the associated card brand payment networks (e.g, Visa, MC, Discover, AMEX) necessary for the authorization and settlement of transactions. The credit card data processed under Blackbaud's Payment Services ("BBPS") complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) 2.0 in its handling of all cardholder information.