The information below is a suggestion only. Please confer with your auditor or accountant for the exact steps your organization should use.

One way to track gifts which are made on a certain date, but are temporarily restricted so that their funds will not be "released" or realized as revenue until a later date, is to enter the actual date of the gift in the Gift Date field, and the anticipated "release" date of its funds in the GL Post Date field, particularly if your organization does not post to the General Ledger.

You can then run revenue reports in The Raiser's Edge by GL Post Date, so that the restricted gifts will be reported as revenue only after they are released.

For example, if a gift is given March 1, but will be restricted until the beginning of the next fiscal year, on July 1, enter its gift date as 3/1 and its GL Post Date as 7/1.  When running your monthly revenue reports (such as Gift Detail and Summary, or Campaign Performance Analysis reports), select GL Post Date as the date to use.  Your March reports will NOT include this restricted gift, but the July reports will.

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