The PRIMARY_ADDRESSEE table in SQL Server Management Studio does not match the Primary Addressee on records

Users are able to view Raiser's Edge database tables in SQL Server Management Studio.  Typically, these fields will match the corresponding fields found in the front-end side of The Raiser's Edge database; however, some users have noticed that the Primary Addressee table in SQL Server Management Studio does not match the Primary Addressee shown on records. This can also occur when users are viewing the backend tables of The Raiser's Edge using RODBA (Read-Only Database Access).

The PRIMARY_ADDRESSEE field will only match the field if the Editable checkbox is marked next to the Primary Addressee field on the Constituent record. If this box is not marked, there is a system query that The Raiser's Edge uses to determine the value of this table.

The PRIMARY_ADDRESSEE ID field is used by the database to determine the correct Addressee for the record. It uses the formulas created in Config > Addressee/Salutations to make up the Primary Addressee on the actual Constituent record.


 7.81.1334 ; 7.85.5026

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