Note: We strongly recommend that you do not make edits to the Web.config file while users are logged
into NetClassroom. If you do so, each active user’s session is ended when the changes to the file are saved on the Web server.  If this occurs for a user, the user will lose all changes made since he last saved and be returned to the login screen when he attempts to access a new page or save.  For example, if the user is making changes in the Change Address or Customize screens, he will lose his changes.

Changing the session timeout in the Web.config file at the Web server:
1. Open Windows Explorer or click My Computer and locate the directory where you installed NetClassroom. The default directory is C:\Program Files\Blackbaud\NC7.
*Before editing a file, make a backup copy of the file first.
2. Open the Web.config file (if prompted for a program to open with, select Notepad).
3. From the menu bar, select Edit, Find to open the Find screen.
4. In the Find what field, enter “timeout”.
5. Once you locate timeout="20",  edit the number 20 to be a higher or lower number (increasing the number allows the user to remain logged in with the same session for a longer period of time without refreshing the current page or accessing a new page and shortens the amount of time allowed for the same session).  For example, change 20 to 30 if you want to allow 30 minutes for the same session.
6. Select Edit, Find Next
7. Repeat step 5 for the next found instance of timeout="20" (enter the same number again)

Note: At this point, you should have made changes to the timeout= setting in the following two sections of the Web.config file:
  • <authentication>
  • <sessionState>

8. From the menu bar, select File, Save.
9. Close the file