1. In your F9 Excel file, enter your budget Scenario ID into a blank cell. 
    This can be found in The Financial Edge, General Ledger, Records, Budgets, Scenario ID.
  2. In your F9 Excel file, click into the blank cell which will be our period specifier. 
    Most likely, this will be a column next to your actual column, and on the same row as the actual period specifier.
  3. From the F9 menu, select Tools, Period Wizard.
  4. Select Budget for Balance Type.
  5. Select your date range for budget information and click To Clipboard and OK.
  6. In the blank cell, select Paste.  
    A header appears for the budget period specifier.
  7. Under the Budget column, select the cell in the account row.
  8. Drag the function values from the Actual column into your Budget column. 
    The same results appear in both cells at this point.
  9. Click in the budget cell, and select Insert, Function from the toolbar.
  10. Within the Function Arguments window, map the Type line to your budget scenario ID. 
    Previously, this value mapped to Activity: Actual.
  11. Click OK and return to the Excel file.
  12. Press F9 to update the spreadsheet.
The F9 integration is supported by Infor. Questions regarding resources, functionality, or troubleshooting with the F9 solution can be directed to Infor Support.