Possible causes:

  •  Login information entered incorrectly
  •  Web login name or password changed recently
  •  Blackbaud Gift Aid (BBGA) optional module has not been purchased
  •  User who is logging in is not registered as a BBGA user

Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Re-enter login name and password used to access www.blackbaud.co.uk on the Blackbaud Gift Aid for the Raiser's Edge Configuration options screen that is issued when OK is clicked on the error message.
  2. Ensure that your username and password are correct  by logging into Blackbaud’s website www.blackbaud.co.uk
  3. If successful then login to Blackbaud Gift Aid web site https://scanstore.blackbaud.com with the same credentials.
  4. Ensure other users are able to login