Blackbaud NetCommunity does not not support email attachments or embedded files. Due to SPAM regulations, most ISPs reject, block, or blacklist emails that have embedded code in the email. Instead, we recommend adding the necessary content to pages on your website and then add hyperlinks in your email to those pages.
  1. Upload the PDF to the file library*
  2. Create a link to an uploaded document in Blackbaud NetCommunity

*Note: If the document part or File library is not available in NetCommunity, then a third party  will need to be used to hold the documents.

Note: It is necessary to use an externally hosted video if the file is larger than 4MB. Blackbaud NetCommunity does not allow files larger that 4MB to be uploaded to the Documents part. Blackbaud cannot guarantee or support the functionality on any externally hosted files.