1. Verify Raiser's Edge is installed locally on the workstation.
    • If Raiser's Edge is installed on a Citrix environment, please setup the integration with ResearchPoint.
    • If accessing Raiser's Edge from a remote desktop, please be sure to launch Research Point from within the same environment
    • Be sure that the Blackbaud ResearchPoint Workstation Interface components are installed
  2.  If using a Windows 7 operating system on the workstation, please see How to utilize integration with UAC enabled
  3. In Raiser's Edge go to Help > About The Raiser's Edge and ensure the Raiser's Edge version is compatible. If neccesary update The Raiser's Edge.
  4. If The Raiser's Edge is installed on a self-hosted server, launch ResearchPoint using Internet Explorer on the server and configure integration from there.