Once a Stock/Property gift is sold, it becomes a Stock/Property (Sold) gift type. If the sale is posted to the General Ledger, then at this point, only the sale amount and broker fee can be adjusted.

If an adjustment needs to be made to posted Stock/Property (Sold) gift record, try each of the following until resolved: 

  1. Delete the gift
  2. Manually reenter all of the gift information with the correct fund
  1. Create a Gift query of the specific gift (example:  Gift ID equals [ ] )
  2. Download and run the Unpost Gifts Utility including the query from step 1
  3. Manually change the fund on the gift record without an adjustment
  4. Manually change the gift back to Posted
NOTE:  If you do not interface with Blackbaud's General Ledger or another accounting package, you may run the Unpost Gifts plug-in to globally change the Post Status from Posted to Not Posted. Gifts with a post status of Not Posted are included the next time gifts are posted to the General Ledger in Administration. If you post to an accounting package, this could cause duplicate entries in the accounting package.  Contact your accountant to determine if the gift should be left as Not Posted or if the gift should be manually changed back to Posted after correcting the fund (the accountant will need to manually correct the General Ledger).