1. Add a column in the data for the Phone Import ID (PhoneImpId). On new constituents, it can be left blank, but still must be included in the file if the phone number is being included.
  2. If using version 7.93 or below, populate the Phone Address Import ID (PhoneAddrImpID) field. This field must be populated in the data file even for new phone numbers. It is the import ID of the address to which it is being imported. If importing both addresses and phone numbers at the same time in a constituent import, both the Phone Address Import ID (PhoneAddrImpID) and the Address Import ID (AddrImpID) fields must be populated in the data file and must be the same. Address Import ID must be included once in the data file per phone number and must match the extension of that phone number.
  3. If importing a single address or phone, ensure that the address and phone fields have the same extension on the Fields tab in the import parameters. If importing multiple addresses or phones, ensure that each grouping has the same extension.
  4. If a constituent does not have multiple phone numbers, Leave phone fields blank
  5.  If phone types table is not set up, set it up in Configuration to include all new phone types

For more information, see How to import new constituents with addresses and phone numbers (BB5765)