The Event Income Report filters on the original gift that was linked to the event. If a gift has been adjusted or written off, the report will continue to reflect (as does either the Registrant's Registration Fee tab or Other Donations tab) the full amount of the original gift.

If you do not want the report to consider pledge gifts (as they may not yet have been paid or may have been written off), link only the Pay-Cash gifts to the event instead of the pledge.

If the constituent is not paying the pledge because s/he is not attending, please follow these steps in sequence to ensure the Event Income Report results are correct:

  1. In Records, click Events
  2. Open the appropriate event
  3. On the Participants tab, open the appropriate participant
  4. On the Registration Fees tab, delete the row with the appropriate unit
  5. Break the link to the pledge gift
  6. Ensure the Gift Amount is blank or $0.00
  7. Save and close the Participant's record