1. In Configuration, Application Restrictions.
  2. Click New Restriction.
  3. In the Restriction ID field, select a Restriction ID. Create a restriction ID entry by entering a new restriction ID in the field or on the Tables page of Configuration.
  4. In the Status field, select Active.
  5. In the Description field, enter more information about the restriction.
  6. In the Dates field, select a billing cycle, Restriction can be used on any date, or Restriction can only be used from and enter dates to specify a date range.
    Note: When you select a billing cycle or specify a date range for the restriction, the payment or credit is applied to only transactions that fall within the specified date range.
  7. In the Type field, select a billing item type.
  8. In the Billing Item ID field, select a billing item.
  9. If applicable, mark the checkboxes to restrict within the same month.
  10. Click Save and Close. 
Note: The following products and billing items can use application restrictions: Financial Aid and Advance Deposits.