Note : Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article.

  1. In Administration, Globally change records, Click Students.
  2. Click New Change.
  3. On the General tab, select Enrollment, Date enrolled to OR Date enrolled from. 
  4. In the Enrollments screen, on the 1: General tab, enter a valid date range in the Date from and Date to fields.
  5. On the 2: Filters tab, select the appropriate Student Grade Levels and click OK.
  6. In the Edit Change Parameters screen, select Add in the Operation drop-down menu.
  7. Enter the date in the Add field and click OK.
  8. On the Filters tab, select the appropriate filters.
  9. Click Preview Changes to preview a list of records to include in the globally change.
  10. Click Change Now.