Note: The Custom Opt-Out email must be purchased with the EmailFinder service.  For more information contact your Account Manager. To see the default Opt-Out email included with EmailFinder refer to BB326582.

Please email with your name, organization name, Site ID, and a good contact phone number. Advise you are submitting for a custom opt out email. This should be done after you submit for EmailFinder. 

The Custom Opt Out email for EmailFinder is an email that is automatically sent to the email addresses that are found with EmailFinder. This email allows your constituents the option to opt out of email from your organization. There are some fields that are required on the Custom Opt Out document , however, most of them can appear anywhere within the document:

  • FROM field must include the organization name (maximum of 54 characters)
  • SUBJECT field must include the organization name or an abbreviation and a few descriptive words
  • Street Address of the organization (should not be a P. O. Box)
  • Telephone number of the organization
  • Email address for any questions

The custom broadcast can include images, borders, logos, specific background colors, fonts, print sizes, and print colors.  A copy of the Opt Out document will be sent to the organization for final approval before the EmailFinder is run.

Note: For best results provide the Custom Opt Out in its entirety in html format and also provide each image contained in the final product individually as adjustments may need to be made to match our vendors specifications.

Sample Custom Opt Out Email (using the Center for Excellence as the organization):
From: Center for Excellence

Subject: CFE Email Update   [Organization Name or abbreviation with a few descriptive words]

The Center for Excellence would like to update our database by including your email address.  We are “going Green” and email is an inexpensive and effective means to communicate.  Please help us in our goal of reducing mailing costs by sending our quarterly newsletter via email.

The Center for Excellence promotes the thriving culture of excellence in people throughout the Greater Charleston area. We hope you are taking advantage of all of the opportunities our community offers with a wide array of cultural programs, educational events, and extensive programs. From our growing network of chapters and regional events around the country, to career networking opportunities, and presentations, there are now more ways than ever to get involved.

We are located at:
- Charleston Campus at 1888 Park Place, Goose Creek, South Carolina
- North Campus at 177 27th Street, North Charleston, South Carolina

We appreciate your time, and hope you will contact us with any questions about this message at 843-555-2200 or


Robert Wilson
Center for Excellence
4513 Main Street
Charleston, SC  29407

If you do not wish to receive e-mail from our organization, please click here and you will be removed from our e-mail list