Payment distribution is yellowed out and cannot be edited

The payment distribution is yellowed out when editing the Credit Account when the payment is unapplied and not posted.

Possible Causes:

  • If  the Business Rule is selected to use a single AR summary account and never post transactions, the Credit side of a Payment will be uneditable
  • A Transaction Business Rule is marked to not allow Default Accounts to be edited
  1. Go to General Ledger
  2. In Configuration, select Business Rules.
  3. Highlight Transaction.
  4. Unmark the 'Do not allow a Default Account to be edited or used as the primary' checkbox.
  5. In Records, open the credit account and edit the Payment Distribution.
  6. Return to Accounts Receivable 
Note: These changes made in Business Rules in General Ledger are not retroactive.


 7.78.687, patch 10

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