1. In Admin, Security, open the Security Group of the affected user(s)
  2. If the box next to Action Security by Type under Group Privileges has a checkmark, highlight this setting and click Options
  3. Unmark Cannot View and Cannot Edit for the appropriate Action Type
  4. Click OK, then click Save and Close
  5. Have the affected user(s) exit and sign out of the software and then log back in to see changes to their rights
If the security rights were already set as noted above, take the following steps:
  1. Select the Gifts tab on the constituent record and open the appropriate gift
  2. Select the appropriate letter in the Letter field and click the Word next to the Letter field
  3. In the merged letter that opens in Word, select Save this document as an action
    The Word icon will now appear at the bottom of the gift record
  4. Save and close the gift