Software has changed significantly as have the needs and expectations of our customers. For this reason, unlike our move from DOS to Windows, Blackbaud will not be creating a “one size fits all solution” for all of our customers to migrate to next.  Instead each of our customers will have their own path to our next generation solutions based on their needs and mission objectives.  Blackbaud will continue to invest in our existing products, focusing on creating a better user experience. We are also investing in new technologies to ensure we continue to provide value to our existing and new customers.

This being said, many of our current Raiser’s Edge customers want to know when they will have an opportunity to upgrade to a newer product. 

For our traditional, sophisticated fundraiser who also needs program support (such as Memberships, Volunteer Management, and Event Management), our Raiser’s Edge version 7 product continues to be the product of choice and we are making significant investment to ensure our customers continue to see value from this solution. Our recent releases of The Raiser’s Edge include many great new features. 

For some of our customers, we have solutions today that may meet their needs.  Our Enterprise CRM solution is a great option for many Higher Ed and Healthcare organizations who desire flexibility.  Some of our current Enterprise CRM customers started out as Raiser’s Edge customers.  In the General Admissions Arts and Cultural space, Altru is a great option to consider.  Like Enterprise CRM, many of our Altru customers started out on the Raiser’s Edge.  As we continue to mature the depth and breadth of this solution, many more of our Arts and Cultural clients will find this solution can meet all of their needs and provide capability that competitors cannot in this vertical. 

Our Product Management and Product organization is also jointly working with Raiser’s Edge customers to better understand how a new generation fundraising solution can meet their needs.  We are approaching this effort using our new Discovery methodology.  For more information about this new methodology or to become a part of the process please sign up on the Product Discovery page on