The option to add an Info Source for the AddressFinder update is on the Processing Options tab under "Add the following to new certified addresses."  The value selected in this field is added to all addresses that are updated.  We recommend that you select an existing value in the drop-down menu or enter a new value if you have security rights to add table entries. Some examples of info sources for an AddressFinder screenings are AddressFinder mm/dd/yyyy and NCOA Update mm/yy.  If this field is left blank, the information from the existing address will be retained.

If the Info Source field was not populated during the AddressFinder update, please follow the steps below to add the desired Info Source to the newly updated records.

  1. In the Data Health Center, click Update Data to run the AddressFinder update again.
  2. Select the same options for the update that were selected during the original import for AddressFinder. 
  3. On the Processing Options tab for Info Source, add the desired Info Source that was omitted for the first AddressFinder update.
  4. Continue with updating the addresses.  At the completion of the import, the new Info Source will show on the records.