Private Data will be visible under the following circumstances:


Supervisor are able to see Private information within a Directory or Profile Display. 


If the user is logged in and viewing their personal profile display page or directory, they will be able to see their fields, but will also see {Private} next to the true value of the field when viewing it from a Profile Display. For example, the user has their email address marked private in their profile form; when viewing the profile display page, they will see "{Private}"

User with View Private Data Role

The user is part of a group that has rights to View Private Data.  If you want to remove the user from viewing private data: 

  1. Log into NetCommunity as a Supervisor
  2. Navigate to Users & Security>Users
  3. Locate the user who can view the data and click the Pencil icon next to their username to edit
  4. Under Role, confirm the Role(s) applied to this user
  5. Navigate to Users & Security>Roles
  6. Locate and click the pencil icon to edit the Role(s) you found in step 4
  7. Select the Security Assignment tab
  8. Confirm the Task group(s) assigned to the Security Assignment
  9. Navigate to Users & Security>Task Groups
  10. Locate and click the pencil icon to edit the Task Group(s) you found in step 8
  11. Under Edit site task group, locate Profile Security, and expand Profile tasks if it is not expanded
  12. Unmark the box for view private data rights
  13. Click Save when finished
    • Note: you may need to repeat these steps if the user has multiple roles assigned

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