There are 2 ways to get the correct check number in the system. Method 1 is suggested if there is not a log of obligations and checks involved. It is simpler and does not require additional steps.

  •  Using new manual checks.
  •  Using mark for pay.

Using new manual checks:

  1. Sign in on the business date the checks were logged.
  2. Make note of the obligation numbers that go to the correct check number.
  3. Highlight and Void the checks that are incorrect. The reversals will be posted at this time.
  4. The obligations will move back to the folder before mark for pay (usually Invoices or Approved for Payment).
  5. Select the folder under the paid folder, called “New Manual Checks.” Make sure this in under the correct bank.
  6. Click on NEW.
  7. Pick Existing and from the appropriate invoice stage.
  8. Enter the obligation in the top left and the check number in the top right corner.
  9. If the correct data displays, click Apply, and enter the next obligation and check number until all the obligations that need to be on the reissued check have been entered.
  10. Click OK when done entering the data for each check. Repeat the procedure for the next check.
  11. Click Post.   The checks transfer to the paid folder with the new number that you entered for the check number. 

Using mark for pay:

  1. Sign on with the date that the checks were paid.
  2. Highlight the checks in the paid folder.
  3. Click void and then post them.
  4. They transfer back to the folder before mark for pay (usually Invoices or Approved for Payment).
  5. Highlight the obligations and mark for pay.
  6. If you match your checks and your control numbers, on the 2nd tab of check writing (Produce Checks), you must edit the field "Enter starting control number" to match your check number. 
  7. If any sorts were involved in the original run, the run must be sorted in the same order as the original to exactly recreate the numbering.
  8. Click on Produce checks. Do not print the checks.
  9. Log the checks giving them the correct check number. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the 2nd method was used to change the control number, make sure it is set correctly the next time checks are issued.